Welcome Pauan to the Rust and WebAssembly domain working group core team!

I’d like to welcome @Pauan to the Rust and WebAssembly domain working group core team! We the existing members have all been really impressed with Pauan’s thoughtful design work in RFCs and ongoing efforts to build out and improve the Rust and Wasm ecosystem.

The Rust and WebAssembly domain working group core team sign off on our RFCs, prioritize working group efforts, and help articulate a vision for Rust in the Wasm domain. The team consists of myself, Ashley Williams, Alex Crichton, and now Pauan.

Welcome, Pauan! :smiley:


Some history about me:

I’ve spent ~12 years working with JavaScript (and npm and TypeScript).

I also have a few years of experience with functional programming (Arc, Haskell, PureScript, F#, some others), and made my own functional programming language (Nulan).

Last year I fell in love with Rust, and I never looked back. It is a very well designed language, and I love the emphasis on correctness, maintenance, pragmatism, and performance. The community is also great!

My primary focus is on making idiomatic high-level Rust APIs for JavaScript, with the goal of eventually doing full-stack programming in Rust (with everything from the client to the server written in Rust).

I’ve also created a few Chrome/Firefox Extensions in Rust.

And I’m the author of the futures-signals and dominator crates, which provide a high-level, fast, zero-cost way to manipulate the DOM.

Let’s work together to push Rust to be the best compile-to-wasm language!


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