Tools triage for 2015-06-09


We don’t have a whole lot to triage, but we do have two PRs in particular which need a decision. As part of our normal weekly triage I’d like to bring them up for a bit of discussion to see what you all think as well!

The discussion on this PR has gone stale, and the last conclusion was to perhaps establish a migration path before taking a change such as this. We don’t currently have a migration path for renaming flags like this, and this also doesn’t seem particularly critical, so I would propose closing this PR. Once we have a more established path for migrating deprecated features forward I’d be fine with merging it, however.

The windres.exe tool is currently included in our distribution, but it doesn’t have all the dependencies necessary for it to run. The compiler itself does not currently rely on windres.exe and it’s also not in PATH by default (as it’s buried in a rustc target-specific directory), so I would propose closing this PR and instead updating the distribution to not include windres.exe at all.

The distribution story here will hopefully get much better once MSVC support grows and MinGW becomes less of the norm.




Agree on both. 20damnchars



Yeah, is there anything that can be done about that? I frequent a lot of forums, and many are annoyed.

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#4 – any admin can change the site setting for minimum post length!

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