Subteam Reports 2016-04-25



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We decided to accept the following RFCs this week:

  • RFC 1440: Allow Drop types in statics/const functions
  • RFC 1399: Add #[repr(pack = "N")]
  • RFC 1521: Copy clone semantics
  • RFC 1399: Amend RFC1228 with operator fixity and precedence

We decided to place the following RFC into FCP:


– nmatsakis


Full report

The following RFCs were accepted this past week:

  • RFC 1510 - Adding a new crate type of cdylib for “C-like dynamic libraries”

  • RFC 1535 - Adding a stable -C overflow-checks flag to the compiler.

Similarly, another RFC in FCP was debated, but not quite merged yet. Feedback is always appreciated!

  • RFC 1525 - Adding workspaces to Cargo.

Otherwise, some notable PRs these past two weeks were:


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