[SOLVED] TIOCSCTTY and probably a lot more missing from FreeBSD's libc


As the topic says.

Anyone know the reason why these are missing from the libc crate?


If something is missing from the libc crate, it really just means nobody needed or noticed it yet. :slight_smile:

I see only a couple TIO* constants in src/unix/bsd/freebsdlike/mod.rs, but TIOCSCTTY is defined for other platforms, so I’m sure a PR would be welcome!



Yeah, I think I can make a PR tomorrow.


Any progress that you can see? This is an issue with at least one project I’m attempting to utilize, thanks!


@metsuke0 It should all be there in the newest libc crate. I added ttycom.h stuff for FreeBSD and DragonFlyBSD (since they are almost same).


My build wasn’t pulling the latest for some reason. It works perfectly now, thank you!