Attention, *-windows-msvc Users! Please check your crates using the current Beta compiler

Attention, *-windows-msvc Users!

The current Rust Beta channel contains a partial implementation of RFC1717, which alters semantics of the #[link] FFI attribute on Windows. (TL;DR: If you are linking to a static native library on Windows, be sure to mark it as such, i.e. kind="static")

Crater currently does not support Windows, so we have no way of checking the actual impact of this change (hopefully small to non-existent).

So we are asking you to test your crates using Nightly or Beta rustc and let us know if you see any breakage. The failures, if any, will manifest themselves as linker failing because of undefined symbols in crates which succeed if using the stable compiler.


Bump. This is a significant and subtle semantic change, and the fallout remains largely unknown. Any testing at all would be helpful.

Why not ask on the users forum for wider visibility?

Hmm, good idea! :slight_smile:

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