Should Rust have an art/design team?


By the minutes here it seems like some or all of the “design” responsibilities have been made part of the planned community team. This seems like a good direction to take :smile:

20:27 < ddamko> I was directed here by Dave Herman at Mozilla. I am wanting to get involved the design/marketing 
                of Rust. I created this shirt design 
20:29 < ddamko> I am just trying to find away to get involved in OSS. I do not have the programming skills to be 
                invloved on the code level but I have a lot of design eperience

Just dropping this here, we should engage Derek once the community/design team is formed


Thanks for posting this on here. I cannot support Rust in code but I can with design.


I’m no designer, I’m a developer but I wanted to share a design concept with you. It could be used for a future logo or maybe for some kind of front-page (book, website, etc).

The other day I stumbled upon these amazing metal sculptures of horses and I realized they describe (metaphorically speaking) everything that Rust is about: strong, fast, elegant (as a horse), rusty/metallic, powerful, useful.

Feel free to ignore my idea if you don’t like it. This is just a friendly suggestion :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link! Hell yes, steampunk horses are good for Rust.


Is there a git repository of the Ferris the Crab artwork? I’ve created a few remixes for some talk-slides and would like to share them, perhaps via a PR.


This seems like a place to post this, I’ve been wanting a better low res icon for Rust for a while now. looks kinda blurry and doesn’t really remind me of Rust.


There isn’t thus far, just Feel free to start one!


@nixpulvis This one looks slightly different from the one you linked (yours looks like a down-sampled version of the main one while this one looks like a circle with an “R” in it). It still won’t win any beauty contests though.


If any designers are looking for something to do, I’m looking for a new sticker design to celebrate MIR and Rust’s birthday: what I’m thinking is a “mission patch” that combines the Rust sprocket and a stylized MIR spacestation, with some mission text about going into orbit. Unfortunately, the timeline for getting this done is like 2 weeks.


There has been a great deal of positive response to an art/design team, which certainly suggests that the idea of a design team needs to be examined thoroughly. To this end, I would like to suggest that Rust shouldn’t have an art/design team. In general the Rust community does not specialize in design but, on the other hand, I believe the Rust community as a whole is quite capable of deciding on an excellent design, given a good set of proposals to compare.

Also, what happens after a design has been agreed to? Its not really an endless process. Will the value of the design team diminish? Is the design team disbanded then? Disbanding teams is so much harder than creating them. Isn’t it better then, to open up some kind of design competition, and have a winner decided through the usual Rust community decision making process?


That sounds like a pretty cool idea! And I couldn’t help but search for soviet space program t-hsirts…


Perfect! Just write RUST (preferrably with reverse R) on the rocket and change the planet outline to the gears of the rust logo. :smile:


I just did. Is there anything related to licensing I have to attach to the repo?


@hoodie Nah, the public domain license lets you do whatever you want with it.



Yep, Ferris is licensed CC-0 to have as little licensing attached as I could manage.

Fwiw, I just started a repo for the source of the website so that is accessible / capable of receiving patches as well:


(This is a bit late… and I’m not sure why internals made this thread pop up at the top, but…)

Yes Please! For example, I’m no graphic designer but I tried to make a logo for the proptest crate; some help from a design team or @aldeka would be great!


Someone necro’ed this thread with a reply that has since been removed.


“2 years later” :rofl:

Well, if anyone is interested in this topic, the Secure Code WG needs a logo:


Why not a takeoff on the prototypical spy image, giving Ferris a black hat and dark sunglasses?