Official Rust apparel?

I’m interested in getting Rust shirts or polos. Ideally, I’d prefer something “official”, where proceeds support Rust development. I’d be happy to help put something together, on Zazzle or similar. @rustlang on Twitter suggested starting a thread here to discuss it.

Who would be the right people to work with to set something like this up?


Just chiming in to say that I would absolutely buy a Rust shirt, particularly if the purchase went to support development of Rust or of libraries or infrastructure in the community.

Even beyond that, something like Ruby Together for Rust would be really cool, although that is a much broader and very different conversation.

I want one of these.

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The Rust 1.0 T-shirt is on DevSwag and they indeed give a bit back to Rust (how much?). That T-shirt is certainly sweet (I happen to wear mine today :smile:) but by now we want some thing more up to date! (Rust 1.0 is old!)

I did see the Rust 1.0 shirt, yes. However, I was looking for a more general Rust shirt (for instance, with just the logo), as well as a polo shirt.

I’d be happy to do the work for this; I’d just need to find out how the proceeds should be handled. Are donations to support Rust handled through the Mozilla Foundation, and do they support earmarking funds specifically for Rust (such as to support Rust conferences, events, infrastructure, etc)?

It seems these are leftovers, most male sizes are sold out. Also, I started playing with Rust at version 1.5, so wearing a 1.0 shirt would feel a bit like cheating.

I'm not directly involved at that level, but I do now that incoming money to the Rust Project through e.g. sales was an unhandled issue as of February. Also, Rust is a project of the Mozilla company, not the foundation.

Most conferences are handled through other means an organisations.

There's a Rust non-profit in the process of founding in Europe.

Thanks for reaching out about this!

In the past, the core team has been directly responsible for getting thing kind of thing running, but we're increasingly trying to move those responsibilities into the community team.

I'd suggest opening an issue on GitHub - rust-community/team: the Rust Community Team 🦀⚙️✨, and raising it for discussion in the community team meeting (which happens in the #rust-community IRC channel, which also gives the schedule).

Alternatively you can email and and get the discussion going that way.

The previous t-shirt designs were funded directly by Mozilla and sold through DevSwag. We don't currently have any plans in the works for new t-shirts, but it'd be great to get that going.

Funding-wise, it's possible for proceeds to go through Mozilla and filter back to the Rust community -- for example, I could imagine proceeds from one t-shirt design helping to fund the next one, or something like that. (This is possible up to a limited, but non-trivial amount of money per year; if we exceed that we'll need to do something more official.) As @skade mentions, there's also a non-profit in the works in Europe, which is another place proceeds could go.

Anyway, I'm happy to continue the conversation with the community and core teams, and am excited that you're wiling to help spearhead!

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Unixstickers are making nice T-Shirt designs. And they have Rust t-shirt in requests. You can always go there and up-vote for it to make it happen more sooner. Lately they became official Ubuntu sticker seller, so why not reach out to them?

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