Rust release milestone predictions


Thanks @Aaronepower!

I updated the op to move 1.18 to “past”, and linked in the 1.19 relnotes.


I did a pass over everything and updated them. I’m losing motivation to continue doing so and I encourage others to add items to the op as they become aware of their status.


The PR linked for Android host builds has been merged. Does it belong to a specific release now?


Since it’s not yet the 31st, I believe that makes 1.21 the expected version for it to land in.


Can an estimate for stablizing be made?


If I understand the process correctly, everything in nightly is always expected to make it into the next beta release, and from there to the next stable release after that.


That is the process, but the trickle-down doesn’t start until it’s marked #[stable] in nightly. (i.e. it will currently make its way to release as #[unstable], effectively internal-only.)


Update on the reference stuff – I’ve been stopped entirely for months, because whatever side project time I’ve had has gone 100% into either the podcast or trying to get TypeScript off the ground in the Ember.js ecosystem. And I’m teetering on the edge of burnout at times. So I don’t know when that will be finished by me. People should not see me as a blocker to it; I intend to post publicly that others can take it on (and would welcome someone on the docs team shepherding it through).


We’ve got 1.21 in beta now, any volunteers for helping out with writing the release notes? @Aaronepower perhaps?


I am currently working on it, I’ve just been busy with work there should be a PR by the latest next week.


Awesome thanks so much @Aaronepower!


The release notes for 1.21 are currently a little thin on notes, and it could definitely benefit from a few more sets of eyes from various teams to see if it’s missing anything!


Moved impl Try for Option to 1.22, since PR 42526 has landed.


At that point, code would be magically using the Try trait on stable… could we go ahead and just stabilize the Try trait?


That’s already been true with Result.

Work is still ongoing to stabilize the Try trait.


I put the next two releases in the OP. Anything we’re excited about landing in the rest of the year?


Has this been abandoned? It was nice to have a little predictability on what might be in store in the next few versions. Given the excitement with 1.26 and 1.27 I thought to look here but it seems to have been left un-updated.


It has, the editions are complex enough they have their own tracking system. see the post about the all hands for a link.


Thanks, that’s a really nice tracking spreadsheet, congratulations.


What’s the link to the new release tracking spreadsheet?