Rust-analyzer not working properly

I've a workspace and for sometime my modules were type-checked properly. Then out of a sudden if I reassign, say, a variable to an incompatible type, the IDE doesn't say anything.

I've closed the IDE, reran cargo clean, deleted Cargo.lock and nothing! Here's the workspace: GitHub - rialight/rialight: SDK for creating RIAs robustly

For example, you can go to api/rialight_filesystem/src/ and reassign anything to wrong type: IDE doesn't draw any problems. Is this a bug?

This may not be the best forum to ask your question. This forum is for discussion about the design and implementation of Rust, not for bug reports or for support. You may have better luck with the Users Forum.

The rust-analyzer user guide has a section on troubleshooting that may be a good place to start: User Manual. If you are unable to find an answer, filing an issue at Issues · rust-lang/rust-analyzer · GitHub with a reproduction may help.

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