Please make me type "else" properly at Intellij Rust Plugin!

I'm just a programmer like your guys. Which means, I do following eeevery single day!

uhhhh... uhh... not good at all I think

I think after if block, when I type "el" through the keyboard, "else" must be positioned at the very first of completion recommendation.

Can developers who charge with Intellij Rust Plugin kindly consider this part?

This seems to me like it's more at home on

The internals forum is for matters internal to the development of the Rust language.

I see, sorry about that. My bad

This seems like a borderline case, since it's for an actual language developer tool.

In any case, the ideal place is the issue tracker for intellij-rust itself. It's definitely a bug in there. Issues · intellij-rust/intellij-rust · GitHub


I agree with the people saying this post is off-topic for this forum, so apologies for responding but...

I've been a long-time Rust IntelliJ Plugin user, and I'm not even sure what problem you're trying to illustrate here...

What sequence of keys are you even hitting?

If I try to tab complete } e in that position, I get env!, not eprintln!, which is suboptimal, but I usually just type out else, and if you really want to tab complete your elses, at least for me tab completing el is sufficient...

Anyway, you probably want to file a bug report here: Issues · intellij-rust/intellij-rust · GitHub

I acknowledged vagueness of my post either and as your advice, I issued it.

Thanks for thoughtful answer, I should have explained it more precisely.


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