Rust 2021: Sustainability

Hello everyone, I've written a blog post titled Rust 2021: Sustainability on what I think we should prioritise on the 2020 roadmap. I would love if people could have read through and let me know what they think. :slight_smile:


I agree deeply that sustainability and burn out are probably the biggest problems facing the Rust project right now, but I'm very skeptical about the solution. A foundation doesn't generate revenue out of nowhere, and I haven't seen a lot of evidence that a foundation would have enough budget to justify its own overhead at this point in our evolution.


Of course I don't expect that a foundation (or whatever form of entity) would be like drilling for oil where there will suddenly be a huge cash influx. We have to start somewhere. If we can all agree that what we want is to provide a sustainable and healthy environment for our developers, I want to focus on us achieving that goal, regardless of what that end state is. I'm not asking for us to commit to one particular solution, I want to start trying to find one.