Rust 1.14 release candidate testing

The Rust 1.14 release is Thursday, and a build is available for testing:

rustup update stable-2016-12-18

Please give it a shot. Note that this build contains a regression in the way cargo is linked on MSVC. It seems to require the MSVC 2015 redistributable to run. @alexcrichton is working on a fix and we’re hoping to do one more stable build before the release.

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Psst. Rust 1.14!

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OK, the rebuild of cargo went fine and the new candidate is

rustup update stable-2016-12-21

The previous build of 1.14 remains in the archives at stable-2016-12-18 for now. The only difference is the build of cargo is from a slightly different commit and cargo is linked incorrectly on MSVC. I probably should go back and delete it, but don’t want to try anything risky right now.

Aaand release notes:

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