Regression report stable-2016-11-08 vs. nightly-2016-11-17

Root regressions, sorted by rank:

Full report.

routing-0.27.1 - non-uppercase statics, lint ( piston2d-gfx_graphics-0.33.1 - use $crate, error ( slug-0.1.2 - spurious hematite-0.0.11 - use $crate, error ( iron-hmac-0.4.0 - unused mut, lint ( kick-0.1.2 - parameter type T may not live long enough, error (?) epoxy-0.0.2 - access to private extern crate, lint ( nuklear-backend-gfx-0.1.4 - use $crate, error ( fbx_direct-0.6.1 - access to private extern crate, lint ( rustache-0.0.4 - unreachable expression, lint (probably smallset-0.1.0 - spurious tangle-0.4.0 - default type parameters in impls, lint (

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Thanks a bunch @petrochenkov!

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