Regression report stable-2015-12-10 vs. nightly-2016-01-05


Root regressions, sorted by rank:

Full report.

Previous report.

There are 18 fewer root regressions and 409 fewer regressions reported. Presumably this means crate authors affected by RFC 1214 have been updating their crates.

Of the new regressions:

  • rand, blake2-rfc -Type inference failure due to OpAssign for Wrapping. This breakage was reverted upstream yesterday.
  • bchannel
    • Send not implemented for T, required by Sender/Reciever
    • Why is this happening?
  • prettytable-rs
  • git-hive-protocol
    • Size not implemented for Self
    • What is this? Feel like I’ve seen it a few times.
    • Edit: this is RFC 1214
  • bud
    • raw_pointer_derive removal
  • dbus-serialize, decode, devboat-docker
    • False positive


bchannel is also due to 1214


Is it at all useful to come back and report when regressions have been dealt with? (grabbag is might be is definitely fixed, btw)