Regression? introduced in nightly-2017-06-20


I’m tracking an issue in trust-dns:

I’m curious if anyone is aware of any regressions introduced in the 2017-06-20. I haven’t noticed anything obvious yet.

Backstory: Approximately 6 days ago my trust-dns project had one test start failing in nightly. Initially I had an overflowing subtraction that the nightly compiler caught for me. After fixing that, it’s still failing on nightly. I have yet to track down the exact code location (not enough time in the day!). I don’t directly rely on any unsafe code, but I’m sure some dependencies do (I’ve noticed others mentioning some issues related to unsafe in other discussions). I still need to isolate where in the code this issue is appearing, right now it’s basically an integration test that’s failing, which to say the least means it could be anywhere. Oh, and I should add that I reviewed all changes merged into Rust master during that period, and haven’t seen anything yet that gave me something to dig into.

Update: this bug got opened


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