Regression report stable-2015-05-15 vs. nightly-2015-06-12


Nothing interesting here. The regressions I looked at were intermittent failures. This run reports a suspiciously low number of working crates (599), probably networking failures, sigh.

Still trying to get a report against beta done.


One data point: I know that clippy was broken because we use some unstable rustc::middly::ty API that was changed from under us. No big deal, but I’ll have to look at rustc changes to find out how to regain that functionality :smile:

Perhaps other nightly-dependent crates also share the same fate?


all the type enum variants were changed to camel case. Maybe that’s what you are noticing?


Yep. Edit: …and fixed.


Either you chose the wrong day to run this ( had a bad day), or the crater run was itself part of the problem that bogged down Maybe it should use a local mirror somehow, it would reduce the download spam.


Since I was hit by a regression from stable, a new run might be interesting.

I guess this case is really uncommon, so my crate may be the only one, and I’m working on updating it already.