Project leadership sync meeting

Hello everyone,

This week we held our first “project leadership sync meeting”. This meeting is part of a new experiment by the core team.

There are two goals:

  • Improving project-wide communication by giving a place to advertise upcoming things that may impact other teams;
  • Giving the “leads” of teams and domain wgs a place to get advice, particularly on sensitive or tricky topics.

Pretty much every detail about this meeting is a work-in-progress, as we are still feeling out the particulars of what works best. The current structure of the meeting is that there is a very brief update (1 minute, more or less) from each group. These updates are collected into minutes which we will be publishing after the fact (with any sensitive material excluded).

Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the minutes?

The minutes are available on the core-team repository, in the minutes/project-leadership-sync directory.

Can I attend the meetings? Will they be recorded?

We’ve decided to start with closed meetings and to avoid posting recordings. This is because we want people to have the freedom to talk openly with one another as much as possible. However, you can view the minutes.

Who represents each team or working group?

We’ve asked each team to send along a single representative to each meeting. These should be people in a leadership role within the team – either a team lead or, if one of the team leads is not able to attend, a “close delegate”.

Which teams and working groups are included?

You’ll find the current list in the minutes. In general, we’ve included the “top-level” Rust teams plus any working groups that live under the core team (e.g., the embedded working group and other domain working groups). This should ensure that, from every working group, there is a channel for concerns or thoughts to surface up to the meeting, whether that be directly or through the surrounding team. If you have a suggestion for a team or working group that we’ve overlooked, though, please contact me! (In fact, I already realized that I overlooked the secure code WG – which is not yet on the website – and the game-dev WG, which is still young and in the process of forming. Those groups can expect to hear from me soon!)


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