Project leadership sync meeting structure change

Hey all -- a quick update on the Project Leadership Sync Meeting. About 6 months ago, we created the project leadership sync meeting, which was a lightweight meeting where team leads and domain wgs could sync up briefly. Mostly it was used to keep each other up to date on major happenings, but also to occasionally ask for help or discuss sensitive topics. It was always meant as an experiment.

We recently decided to try changing the format. Some notes from our discussion are available here, if you're curious. The short version is that we are going to try to move this communication to two Zulip streams instead:

  • project leads (public)
  • project leads (private)

These are meant to be places for leads of teams and domain working groups to post updates and get assistance. As the name suggests, one of the streams is public and hence anyone is welcome to come and follow along (although we really do want to keep the stream low traffic and focused, so that people can keep up). The other stream is private -- only leads of a team or domain working group can join -- and is meant to be used for things that can't be publicly posted for whatever reason (e.g., sometimes we are discussing things that aren't ready to be widely announced).

We plan to try this setup for a month or so and then see how we like it. We might tinker with the format further.

That's all, carry on! :heart:


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