Officialization process about external tutorials?



Since there are links to translations of rustbook, I asked steveklabnik if it was possible to add a link to mine. He didn’t yes, but didn’t say no either. So I proposed to create an officialization process.

The goal is to provide the possibility for a tutorial (or an article) to be displayed on the same place as rustbook translations or making their access easier for everyone. This process would have to check if the tuto/article proposed is of good quality and interessant enough to have its place as official Rust external resource.


The reason I was ambivalent here is that I’m not sure how to not play favorites. What critera would lead to a tutorial being linked? We don’t currently link to anything that doesn’t come from the team, with the exception of the Book being translated into other languages.

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I think people might miss interesting things. I don’t really have opinion on the officialization process on itself but I guess quality and plus-value should be taken in account ? The point is just to develop more and more the Rust environment by proposing what the team selected as interesting/important in order to make access to resources and information easier.

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