New time for the compiler triage meeting?


The compiler team meets on IRC every Thursday at 4pm Boston time right now, mostly to do triage. But many of us are in “parts east” (from Boston, anyway) and this is pretty late over there. There have been many requests to move the meeting to an earlier time. Thoughts on a good time? I’m personally fairly flexible, if we stick to the same day.


I participated in triage meetings in read only mode so far, so the time doesn’t matter much - logs are always available, but the current meeting time is perfect for me, I’m away from computer for a couple of hours before that time and it’s already night after (an hour later would still be okay though).


I would prefer something during regular office hours, e.g. 16:00 CET (=10:00 EST).


Personally, I don’t care much, but 10AM Boston time works fine for me. I kind of like the idea of having them earlier in (my) day, so that if there are regressions or other things found where we need to organize follow-up, we have that much more time to do it.


Regarding attendance, I think we should not expect everyone in compiler team to attend (indeed, we do not already). Rather, I think the purpose of this meeting should just be to ‘take stock’ of what’s going on and ensure that work is assigned properly. It just seems unrealistic for an open source, world-wide group of folks to all be available at one synchronized time. =)


Well, the only concrete suggestion was @michaelwoerister with 10am Boston time, 4pm Central European Time. In other words, 6 hours earlier than the current slot. Any objections? =)


16:00 CET works fine for me.


16:00 CET is fine with me too.


No objections here.


Let’s do it.