Compiler team triage meeting


This thread is a place where the compiler team posts minutes from our triage meetings. These minutes include updates from working groups, various announcements, as well as help wanted requests for regressions or other urgent issues. The minutes are also posted on the compiler-team repository in the minutes/triage-meeting directory.

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Volunteers wanted

Backport decisions

  • No backport decisions were made at this meeting because there were no PRs nominated for backport.

Working group sync


  • The current goal is to make the MIR Place data structure non-recursive (Issue #52708). This should use less memory, be easier to work with, and probably faster as well.

  • After that is completed, there are a number of other Place related refactorings and other ideas from the All-Hands meeting that can be worked on.

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  • The goal is to allow Cargo to invoke rustc sooner letting downstream crates start compiling while upstream crates do LLVM work (Issue #58465)

  • This working group is just getting started and had its initial meeting on 4/5.

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