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Nominated issues

RefCell::borrow does not pass borrow-check without a seemingly no-op let binding (#23338)

Member destructor is always executed even if self is replaced in `Drop` (#23611)

  • Added I-nominated. By @pnkfelix

Remaining issues

deriving cleanup (#2810)

  • Added P-low. By @alexcrichton

    triage: P-low

    I believe most cleanup here has been done and the leftover __ are either implementation details or either aspects of hygiene which haven’t been implemented yet, so I no longer think this is a backwards-compatibility problem for libraries.

  • Removed P-backcompat-libs. By @rust-highfive

enum variants aren't considered to be const (#5873)

  • Added P-high. By @nrc

Capturing stdout from test code is inconsistent (#12309)

  • Added P-high. Set milestone: 1.0. By @aturon

    triage: P-high (1.0)

  • Removed P-backcompat-libs. By @rust-highfive

Multithreaded fork appears flaky on OSX (#14232)

  • Added P-backcompat-libs. Set milestone: 1.0. By @aturon

    triage: P-backcompat-libs (1.0)

  • Removed P-backcompat-libs. By @rust-highfive

`sort_by` takes a comparison fn, but `min_by`/`max_by` take a "scoring" fn (#15311)

  • Added P-high. By @aturon

    @alexcrichton You've raised some excellent points -- in particular about scoring not being as usable as one might imagine at first.

    I’m going to take this off the milestone; I think the sort_by API, which is stable, is fine. We can work out exactly which API to use for max_by/min_by when we stabilize them, but there’s not a great deal of pressure to stabilize them right this second.

    triage: P-high ()

  • Removed P-backcompat-libs. By @rust-highfive

.to_uint() and .to_int() should return None on NaN (#16613)

  • Removed P-backcompat-libs. By @rust-highfive

enumerate should be generic over the integer (#22716)

  • Added P-high. By @alexcrichton

    triage: P-high ()

  • Removed P-backcompat-libs. By @rust-highfive
  • Removed P-high. By @alexcrichton
  • Added P-low. By @alexcrichton

There is no way to create a PathBuf from an OsString without copying (#22751)

  • Added P-backcompat-libs. By @pnkfelix
  • Removed I-nominated. By @alexcrichton

Indexing Autoref + Borrow = :( (#22826)

  • Removed I-nominated. By @pnkfelix
  • Added P-high. By @pnkfelix

impl Trait for .. {} does not require a feature gate (#23225)

  • Added P-backcompat-lang. By @pnkfelix
  • Removed I-nominated. By @pnkfelix

New Path::relative_from is less useful than old Path::path_relative_from (#23284)

  • Added P-high. By @pnkfelix
  • Removed I-nominated. By @pnkfelix

std::prelude::v1 still references old_path and old_io (#23377)

  • Added P-backcompat-libs. By @pnkfelix
  • Removed I-nominated. By @pnkfelix

std::io::prelude should stop renaming Seek (#23378)

  • Added P-backcompat-libs. By @pnkfelix
  • Removed I-nominated. By @pnkfelix

Tweak how hyphens in crate names are allowed (#23533)

  • Added P-backcompat-lang. By @alexcrichton
  • Removed P-backcompat-lang. By @rust-highfive

Tracking issue for std::thread_local::*` into `std::thread` (RFC 909) (#23547)

  • Added P-backcompat-libs. By @aturon

private type in public interface rules do not prevent exposure of some types (#23621)

  • Added I-nominated. By @nrc


    mod B {
        pub use self::A::foo;
        mod A {
            pub struct X;
            pub fn foo(_: X) {}

    From outside B, foo is visible, but X is not.

    The fix is discussed here and in the following comments.

    I guess this is technically a backwards incompatible change, but I would regard any example of it as a bug, so I would not feel bad fixing this post 1.0 (also the fix is really easy if we do break your code - just add pub). Still, nominating triage: I-nominated

    (example by @tomaka from #23585)

  • Removed I-nominated. By @nrc

Use of __pthread_get_minstack leads to unnecessarily strict libc6 versioned dependency on Debian (#23628)

  • Added I-nominated. By @huonw

    triage: I-nominated

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