This weeks triage agenda


Is here:

Nominated issues

There is no way to create a PathBuf from an OsString without copying (#22751)

Indexing Autoref + Borrow = :( (#22826)

  • Added I-nominated. By @aturon

impl Trait for .. {} does not require a feature gate (#23225)

New Path::relative_from is less useful than old Path::path_relative_from (#23284)

RefCell::borrow does not pass borrow-check without a seemingly no-op let binding (#23338)

  • Added I-nominated. By @brson

std::prelude::v1 still references old_path and old_io (#23377)

std::io::prelude should stop renaming Seek (#23378)

Unboxed trait object can be stored in struct without lifetime (#23410)

  • Added I-nominated. By @huonw

Remaining issues

enum variants aren't considered to be const (#5873)

  • Removed I-nominated. By @rust-highfive

Danger of leaking file descriptors when spawning processes (#12148)

  • Added P-backcompat-libs. By @pnkfelix
  • Removed I-nominated. By @pnkfelix

Method lookup fails for operator (#21922)

  • Removed I-nominated. By @pnkfelix
  • Added P-high. By @pnkfelix

glob imports ignore private items (#23157)

  • Added P-high. By @pnkfelix
  • Removed I-nominated. By @pnkfelix

future-proof type-checking of binary operators (#23319)

  • Added P-backcompat-lang. Set milestone: 1.0 beta. By @nikomatsakis

    triage: P-backcompat-lang (1.0 beta)

Implement tweak to closure grammar (#23420)

  • Added P-backcompat-lang. By @brson

remove subtyping relationship for safe/unsafe fns and replace with coercion (#23449)

  • Added P-backcompat-lang. Set milestone: 1.0 beta. By @nikomatsakis

    triage: P-backcompat-lang (1.0 beta)

Decide if Wrapping/WrappingOps should be in the prelude (#23454)

  • Added P-backcompat-libs. By @alexcrichton


A note for the interested, we generally cover the nominated issues at the triage meeting, the other issues are there for information. We also cover RFCs, to see which RFCs might be discussed, just look at PRs which are not assigned - Time dictates how many get looked at. On a good week (like this week) we should cover them all. On a busy week, we might not have time for many.


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