Scheduling a regular meeting for the compiler subteam

I think the compiler subteam needs to have a regular meeting. The purpose of this meeting would be triage and general discussion about pending PRs, RFCs, etc. Attendance is neither required nor expected, but I’d still like to schedule the meeting so that as many people can attend as possible when they so choose. Unfortunately, that will be challenging, due to the span of time zones (we cover a good portion of the globe). One possible solution would be holding the meeting at two distinct times on alternating weeks.

I have opened a doodle poll to try and coordinate picking a time. Please, subteam members, enter your information!

Just to be clear: I didn’t mean for that doodle poll to indicate a particular week, but rather be representative. In any case I’m away this week so I figure I’ll try to pick a time next week when I get back.

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