New crater reports: 1.1 stable vs beta-2015-07-10 and nightly-2015-07-10

Here’s stable vs. beta:

And here’s stable vs. nightly:

Beta has 4 root regressions vs. stable and nightly has 24 root regressions vs. stable.

Here are the beta regressions:

And nightly:

Analysis - stable vs. beta

3 of the beta regressions are because #[packed] is no longer accepted. Looks like it was probably cause by this PR. It needs to be either fixed or mentioned in the relnotes as a breaking change.

The 4th beta regression though is a type inference failure. Somebody please investigate.

Analysis stable vs. nightly

  • ‘missing lifetime specifier’ - protobuf
  • ‘type annotations required’ - ncollide_queries
  • ‘missing documentation’ - nickel, startuppong, hueclient, coinbaser, dcpu16-gui, piston32-gfx_voxel, piston_window_game, dev_menu, poglgame, recaptcha, rust-cleverbot, rustfmt, rustful, shiplift, strava, tba, webdriver
  • ‘type of value must be known’ - timely, simple_stats
  • #[packed] - libnetfilter_queue, netfilter_queue
  • ‘illegal cast: cast through raw pointer first’ - rust_events

I don’t know what caused any of these.

The immediate question we need to answer is whether to do anything about the #[packed] regression on beta (this PR). We might restore the previous behavior of #[packed] and leave it deprecated.

It would also be delightful if somebody could figure out the other beta regression and start figuring out the nightly regressions.

This at least is the improvements to the missing doc lint, and seems to suggest the importance of:

[ Since timely does not break in beta, it can’t be just Extend breaking it – timely’s issue is #26952 ]

These both look like they come from the addition of impl Extend<&T> for Vec<T> (and other collections. With both Extend<T> and Extend<&T> now, type inference is now sometimes ambiguous. Issue #26279

This crate is already updated and I assume it is fixed. The author says “Type inference regression?”

Edit: Maybe that projections can’t drive inference anymore, could it be that? Though the time is wrong, that landed in nightly weeks ago.

I found the cause of the problem. I’ll be opening a PR soon.


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