Infineon Tricore support

As Infineon announced Tricore support in Rust compiler, I wonder if there is any more technical information from the Rust team. Will it be a proprietary fork of the language? Any idea of what version it will be based upon? Do they even plan to work on mainstreaming it (depends also on mainstreaming into LLVM since there is no support, not even in some third-party fork)?

UPDATED at 29/06/2024: No, they do not plan to upstream it, even open source the Rust compiler or even just LLVM support: Targetting Tricore in LLVM toolchain - #5 by widlarizer - LLVM Dev List Archives - LLVM Discussion Forums

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Based on the announcement it reads like it will be a proprietary fork. I'm not aware of anything upstreamed to the official rust compiler. If you want to know for sure you will have to ask Infineon directly I guess.


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