FYI: IBM is working on LLVM support for arbitrary aliasing graphs (for Fortran)

I just stumbled upon a recent talk from 2020 LLVM Developers' Meeting that I figured might be of interest to the Rust compiler team?

Towards a representation of arbitrary alias graph in LLVM IR for Fortran code by Kelvin Li (IBM) & Tarique Islam (IBM).

The talk didn't make any mention of Rust specifically (they only briefly mention "other languages"), so I was wondering if either team is aware of these potentially symbiotic efforts and/or might want to provide feedback to or collaborate with them in order to ensure their API also covers Rust's language model nicely, enabling optimization of non-aliasing borrows on a par with Fortran?

At around 22:13 minute mark they have a slide specifically asking for feedback and/or collaboration with links and schedule for a regular round table. The next scheduled meeting is on November 3rd, apparently.

Just thought I'd leave this here to make sure you folks are aware of these possibly symbiotic efforts.


How about they (LLVM) first fix their noalias tags after several years, so that they are actually usable :grimacing:


Perhaps this new effort will serve as the motivator for that long-awaited fix. It can't hurt to point out that old issue to this new focus group.

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AFAIK there already is an ongoing effort for "better noalias" in LLVM; I wonder if that is related or a separate project?

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