Implement OpenSearch in rust std documentation

currently i search rust documentation using duckduckgo's !rust bang. but it would be helpful if i can search rust documentation directly.


What do you mean by “directly”? The docs,, have a search bar on the top, duckduckgo seems to be doing nothing more than using this same search. (You can also view the compiler docs locally if you have Rust installed, through “rustup doc std”.)

I believe the request is to add an OpenSearch Description file to so it can be added directly to the list of search engines (in web browsers that support OpenSearch plugins).

Somewhat related: In some browsers (e.g. Firefox) you can right-click on the rustdoc search box and choose “Add a keyword for this search.” Then you can search the docs directly from your address bar, using a keyword system that works much like DuckDuckGo’s !bang searches.


There is an issue opened for this: Add opensearch support to · Issue #24899 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub

Even though I was sure that it was already implemented...

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One issue here: I wouldn’t necessarily equate with The latter is the standard library docs and has a search; Rust’s documentation in general, the domain features more than just the standard library docs; and even the standard library docs come in three versions, and and The website lists more things including the book,, the nomicon, the reference, and many more. Any of these has its own search, too.


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