Documentation for rustdoc search?

We couldn't find any documentation about rustdoc search, we can only seem to observe its existence through the search box at the top of every rustdoc page.

Is there such documentation? If not, can there be such documentation?

Ah, we mean from a more internals perspective. We guess we can use rustdoc search on rustdoc for rustdoc, and there are a handful of items that come up when looking for search but they have basically no docs: Index of crates

It'd be nice to know how the rustdoc search system works.

The search frontend is all in JS, there's no wasm embeds happening for rustdoc (yet? :grin:)

This is too low-level and clearly it's just an interface to a rustdoc index.

  1. Is there an human-readable (i.e. not-code) documentation of how the indexing works?
  2. Is there an human-readable outline of the rustdoc search system?
  3. [etc]

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