How does one nominate for stabilisation?

How does one nominate for stabilisation? Is there a ranked list of things we'd like to stabilise next?

I'd like to see cargo test -- --include-ignored stabilised and I can't think of any downside but I don't know what the process to go through to try and get something stabilised is?

Unless there are any outstanding issues (NB: I haven't looked at this one at all), generally it's someone just making a PR to stabilize.

Ah great, so we just need a PR like this one: and then we make sure it says needs-fcp (final comment period) so that people get informed of the intent to stabilise.

Ok, will give it a go - there's a first time for everything!

For the record here's the PR:


It's not always fcp merge, sometimes it's fcp close or fcp postpone when the reviewer thinks it should not be merged but still goes for fcp.

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I am totally happy with any of those outcomes.

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