PSA: stabilization tracking on the libs team


If you’re watching the repo closely, you may have noticed that we just added several dozen issues. These “tracking” issues, tagged B-unstable, are used to track the stabilization of currently-unstable features. In some cases, many feature flags map to a single issue in the tracker (when they would all be stabilized together).

Each issue records some of the reason that the API has remained unstable, and we hope that the comment threads will be a good place to record ideas and problems.

We also plan to mark these issues with final-comment-period (and widely announce that) when we are considering stabilization within a given release cycle. The libs team plans to move a batch to FCP in the near future.

You can see all of the tracking issues here, and we will be publishing this dashboard as part of subteam reports.

Hopefully these steps will make it easier to track progress of features through the pipeline. Please let me know what you think, and if you have further ideas about providing feature visibility!


Subteam reports 2015-08-14

As an aside, we also have infrastructure to map feature gates to issue numbers, and we’ll be filling this in soon. That means when you get an error saying you need a feature gate, you’ll also get an issue number that you can track for stabilization.



The tracking issues link is missing “/rust-lang/rust” I think it should be this.


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