Hello from the new comer

I am very new to programming languages and learned some basics of some other languages. I learned Python and it was easy to understand about what we were doing but I wasn't so sure about "how?" Everything had to be imported, we could only work with libraries and frameworks. I wasn' able to understand even a bit about that, so hoping to find some redemption I went for C and the story was the same, couldn't understand the header files and GUI building or doing anything with C on the web seemed impossible because I couldn't find any courses on Youtube and I can't pay for courses because first the courses are costly and second, the intertnational online payment system is extremely difficult for the average people in my country. And the local courses are both shitty and unafforable too. Since the time I started to learn, I have heard only nice thing about Rust and Rustaceans. I hope to get full help from the community. I use VS Code on Windows and WSL2. You are awesome.

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Thanks and welcome! If you are looking for interacting with language learners, want to ask questions, introduce yourself, or really anything else in the community Rust users, note that the “users” forum over at users.rust-lang.org is where you’ll want to be. This forum here, the “internals” forum, is more for discussions regarding changing or improving the Rust language and/or compiler or standard library (and related topics, e.g. also for learning about the internal workings of the compiler and standard library, etc…).


Oops! Didn't know that. Thank you so much for being kind. Will keep that in mind from now on.


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