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I can’t see a thread on internals about this, so: there is a new twitter account (managed by the Infra team) that will post updates on things being broken in the Rust ecosystem. We’ve (unfortunately) made use of it already!

You can leave feedback/ideas/questions here or on the #rust-infra IRC channel. Suggestions so far include

We’d like to hear your thoughts, but no promises!



The Mozilla status page is pretty nice nowadays, and it looks like we’re using for it. Using an existing service like that seems like a good idea if we want to do something. There doesn’t seem to be a free option, but I can ask our ops folks what plan we have, and if there was interest I’m sure we could get one set up for Rust as well.



If you look at the github issue suggesting, it was actually raised by of the devs! So that’s definitely something we’re aware of.



Yep, I suggested using because (as a dev team member) I figured I can probably organise a free page; Atlassian’s founders have traditionally given away its software for open source projects and non profits, so now that StatusPage is part of Atlassian I think Rust would be eligible for a free status page. (Though I haven’t checked to see if that’s a free or paid page that Mozilla has right now.)

Aside from letting people get their status notifications in ways other than via Twitter, I think having a status page makes sense from the perspective of giving people confidence in Rust: having some uptime stats for specifically would probably help when making a case for adopting Rust in an org.

The downsides (as far as I can see) are that we ( don’t have IRC integration for either receiving or posting status updates, and you’d have to provision the accounts for people who can update the status page, as we don’t support GitHub logins (or scoping users to GitHub orgs). That said, you could probably hack around those things via the API.

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We’ve also been exploring options for since before the RustStatus twitter was created:

So now the questions I have are:

  • Should we consolidate everything under “Rust status” or are there different people interested in, say, nightly builds but not and vice versa?
  • Would be discoverable? I usually try “” when I want to find a status page when a site is down… I guess we could have redirect to
  • Should we split up things a different way, for example, post status from RustStatus and feature announcements from cratesiostatus…?


Multiple pages would probably be fine as far as is concerned, or pointing both status.rust-lang and status.crates at’s servers should work too.

Another option is some people embed the statuspage widget on their pages (old blog post with examples). Rust lang is probably on the list of places that people look if goes down, so it might be helpful to embed that widget there. That said, I think the widget isn’t per-component, so it might be a little weird to render the embedded status on or as being degraded if only the nightly builds are failing. Of course you could work around that with the API again.

Thinking as a consumer, I’d probably actually be most interested in (and rustup) status, as those would impact my CI.



Ditto what @asparck said about being more interested in the status of and rustup specifically. Maybe we could start with those and then see if a consolidated option makes sense once it’s out in the wild?



This just came up on discord. Someone couldn’t reach and asked if it’s down for anyone else. That is when we started discussing a possible status page for rust and related sites. I think it would be a very nice addition to all resources that rust provides to see if they are currently available. A few services which I can currently think of are:

  • rustup
  • playpen
  • all * sites
  • rustbyexample

I’d also suggest, because it seems to be the “industry standard” for status pages and what I usually try first (e.g. discord, mozilla; counterexample: cloudflare).


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