Feature Request: debug visualizer for BTreeMap/Set

It would be nice if BTreeSet and BTreeMap had visualizers. These seem to be in .natvis files for other std collections, but the BTree structures seem to have been overlooked.

As it is now, debugging these structures is extremely unwieldy. See screenshot.

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@rotu Opening a GitHub issue at rust-lang/rust will increase the odds of this being seen and implemented. :slight_smile:

You could also try to open a PR to implement this based on the existing visualizers (they seem to be in src/etc/natvis in the repo).

@camelid I would if it were a bug report - I don't know if it's considered one. I was redirected here from Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Anyway, I tried my hand at implementing it, but unfortunately I don't have the skills yet

It's absolutely fine to file an issue for this, even though it's not a bug. Just use the "Blank Issue" template. Major changes to the language should not be opened as issues, but small enhancement requests like this are fine to file as issues.

Also, no worries about not being able to implement it :slight_smile:

Done! Thank you for your advice


Of course! Thanks for opening the issue :slight_smile:

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