Exclude bots from contributors

Contributors lists like Rust 1.77.0 contributors contain bots like bors.

I think it's unnecessary and robs the second most contributor from the glory :l

I like it. No human has ever done as much for rustc as bors has, because bors keeps things building, and it will stay that way. Even if bors does need the humans when it face-plants in the mud because of some iffy code.


Removing it robs the bots from the glory entirely!


I used to feel quite strongly in favor of removing it. But with AI/ML gaining steam, are you sure you want to discredit out robot overlords?

In all seriousness, I'm weakly in favor of removing bots, but consensus on that front is far from existing.

Another way to look at it: "Top contributor" is not a place of glory, it should go to a bot because people should work at a sustainable pace and prioritize touching grass every once in a while. If a person ever works harder than bors, that's a problem!


I just looked into list and found that I listed twice: at position 130 with 3 contributions and at position 205 with one.

Why is that?

If you've contributed with multiple names or emails, you can merge those in the .mailmap file. I'm also listed twice, so I guess I should do that too. :slight_smile: