An irc channel for bors


Could we have a new irc channel just for the bors updates? I find it is a lot of noise having it in rust-internals, and when I do actually want to check for a notification its hard to find amongst the scrollback.

Does anyone really like having the notifications in-channel?


Seems like a good idea to me


Yes. Let’s have a channel which we can clog up with all the notifications for Rust and Cargo without anyone speaking to clutter it up.


@alexcrichton suggests that instead of doing this we should just turn off the bots since individuals can get notifications from GitHub by email.


I guess we could, it would be an improvement. I do sometimes find the irc notifications helpful - GitHub notifications are pretty bad to monitor due to the sheer volume and lack of filtering. I suppose it should usually be easier to just check the bors queue directly rather than scrolling though irc.


I’d really like a channel for rust-rfc repo to notify when new pull requests show up. AFAICT only the repo owners can set up a github bot like that, or I would have done it myself


It should be really easy to add that functionality to rust-highfive - it gets a notification for every PR already, it should be easy enough to post to irc. I’d happily take a patch for this :slight_smile: -


@nrc is there a benefit to having highfive do it instead of github? i think github can post irc notifications on prs.


I’m leaning toward doing this since there’s some demand, it’s harmless, and gives us room to experiment with more bot fun. @nrc do you want to set it up?

Things we might want to consider having:

  • GitHub rust/rfcs/cargo (maybe all rust-lang repos) merges, new PR’s, issues
  • buildbot notifications
  • Some sort of gamification posts, commit leaderboards, etc.
  • New cargo packages and updates from the cargo repo
  • Twitter mentions
  • HN posts to the ‘new’ page


i think github can post irc notifications on prs.

I did not know it could do that, that’s pretty cool. In that case there is no need for highfive to do it.

Sure, I can go ahead and do this.

Anyone care about names for the channel - #rust-bors, #rust-bots, #rust-notifications, #rust-announce? Better ideas?


I’d vote for #rust-bors, bors shall become all knowing!


Hate to bikeshed, but I’d kind of prefer not #rust-bors since it’s not self-explanatory. We’ll have to list this channel in various places, and it seems like it will cause confusion. I like #rust-bots, #rust-notifications or maybe #rust-updates.


There is now a bot posting new /r/rust posts to #rust-bots

I can move it to another channel if people prefer.

(Whoops, it kinda blew up. Hopefully I fixed it…)


#rust-bots it is! It has the advantage that it is nice and short


Since stackoverflow is so relatively low volume compared to the other things in rust-bots, I have put it in #rust-stackoverflow as well.