Debugger Category? Zulip vs. Internals Discourse

With the ultimate target of writing a global utility function that could diagnose a Ty from the debug console, I started a thread about it on the debugger working group on Zulip:

wg-debugging: Dumping e.g. datatype (Ty) Without Recompiling

It seems a high-value capability, and doesn't seem that far out of reach... I've dug into it a bit. But if anyone with experience in debugger internals could weigh in it would help quite a lot.

It's unclear how advertised a Zulip topic is...and what exactly the role is of Zulip vs. forums. Or who follows which sites. Is Discourse a good lower-bandwidth way to advertise more moment-to-moment chats on Zulip, as I'm doing here? Or do the same people read all of it, and so you shouldn't post both places?

It would help to say more about what-goes-where on this site's welcome post (each category can have such a page as well, and point to relevant resources).

Anyway... speaking for myself, I prefer Discourse... and I think a Debugger category here would be nice (with moderators sorting the past posts pertaining to the topic into it). That would help people get up to speed, and could be linked to from the rust dev guide.

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