Compiler "Steering Meeting"


We didn’t really get very far into what that agenda should be. I have definitely been thinking a lot about the RFC / stabilization process, but mostly I guess from the perspective of the lang team. I am very interested in trying to do more “holistic” planning, so that we are not working on language design questions without some idea of who will implement them, and without a rough stabilization plan (I’d like us to work more serially, rather than the current scheme where we just have a series of pipeline stages with unbounded queues that people keep tossing things into willy nilly).

So, definitely a crucial bit for me is the interaction between the lang/compiler team. On the one hand, I think that the “what it ought to do” and “how to do it” are definitely distinct concerns, but of course there is also feedback both ways between them. I think what probably makes sense is that when we are in the implementation stage we kind of have two “tightly coupled” working groups with overlapping members working in concert.

All that said, I wonder if this particular part discussion ought to be had with both lang + compiler team in concert. Interesting question.


I am curious what came out of the all-hands meeting last week. Are there meeting notes or something? Any notable decisions?