Changing language name to 'Rustt'


This will avoid the unfortunate searchability issues. It’s also nice to avoid existing (popular) names for unrelated things, to avoid ambiguity.

Some other offenders:

  • Python (snake)
  • Go (word)
  • C (letter)

I think it’s not too late for Rust since there is no stable release yet. Rustt sounds fine to me… we get to keep the nice logo.



In my experience, Python’s name has never been a problem for searchability, and I seriously doubt that Rust’s will be either. Searching ‘Rust file I/O’ isn’t going to turn up results about how to use iron oxide to read and write from files. I don’t think that adding an extra ‘t’ to the end of the name is going to help either, because if it weren’t popular enough search engines would just auto-correct it to ‘Rust’ anyway, or at least also include results for ‘Rust’.

If anybody is encountering searchability problems now, those would likely disappear if Rust became popular enough.



Worse come to worse, Rust can take a page from Go and call itself “rust-lang”.



There was a time when I wanted to subscribe to stuff tagged ‘Python’ on Tumblr. I got too many snake hits, so I gave up.


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