Rename TRPL to something else


The Rust Programming Language is too much of a mouthful, and its shorter form does not sound so nice… TRPL. I prefer if the name was something like “Book” or “Guide”.



I disagree. “Turple” sounds like “purple” which is my favourite colour, therefore it is a good name.

On the other hand, “Book” and “Guide” are entire categories. If someone asks me if the “Book” is a good place to start, I’d tell them that it’s alright, but they’re better off with the first in the Night Watch series so… oh, not a Night Watch book? Which book did you mean? The Rust book? Which one? The O’Reilly one? Oh, the one called “The Rust Programming Language”! Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place!

Besides, the convention in Rust is to favour explicitness over implicitness.




if you really wanted to be explicit it would be called the<Rust>(book: Rust) where Rust: &ProgrammingLanguage(&'static str) -> &[u8]


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