Advice about writing/organising an RFC


I'm currently writing an RFC about named arguments here.

For now I am not looking for comments about the RFC itself but for help with its organisation/presentation:

  • Is the language clear enough (English is not my first language, despite all the work I put in learning it) ?
  • Is the style/tone ok ?
  • Am I missing a section that is usually present in RFCs (I hope not) ?
  • Should I repeat informations across sections or instead remove duplicates and add more links to others sections ?
  • Am I missing references to previous RFCs or threads that could be interesting to review before proposing it (probably) ?

If you want to discuss named arguments and the content of the text, please open an issue on the repo or come find me on Discord/Zulip (I am Poliorcetics on both), I will gladly answer you, but please do not flood this thread with it.

(Mods: is 'community' the correct category for such a topic ?)

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The general advice I'd give to anyone thinking of writing an RFC: Remember that the most important thing is generally convincing people that it's a space worth solving.

Anyone inspired enough to write an RFC obviously thinks it's worth doing, so it's really easy to accidentally concentrate too much on the technical details of the solution, and too little on the why of things.


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