All of the things


All of the things.

I’ve been having a really hard time trying to write RFCs, or any kind of official "proposal"s. Rather than keep trying to force myself to write them, which isn’t working, I’m making my notes public.

Misc notes about the notes:

  • These are my own notes, to myself. Interpret them accordingly. I’ve tried to clean them up somewhat to make them more easy for mortals to navigate and digest, but this was a limited effort and doesn’t change the underlying fact.

  • Topics which haven’t outgrown it yet, and all kinds of random stuff, are in rust.txt. Topics which have are under my_rfcs/. (deconflate_github_issues.txt should probably be ignored.)

  • Chronological order is difficult to infer from spatial organization. Some things are ancient, some are new. (There are commits, but they’re very coarse and only go back a month.)

  • There are long lines. Things which may help include large monitors, adept horizontal scrolling, viewing the Raw, or cloning and viewing locally.

  • It may resemble markdown, but I’ve never tried viewing them rendered, and it probably wouldn’t be pretty.

  • Code snippets in some places assume certain other proposals to be in effect, elsewhere they attempt to use whatever the current syntax of Rust was at that time. Beware.

  • If your intent would be to push back against ideas which you feel are misguided or threaten the success of the language, please go somewhere else, or wait for formal proposals to be submitted.

  • Reasoned dialogue and friendly discussion is welcome.

Thank you, and enjoy.



my_rfcs/Deconflate types and modules.txt :smile:


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