Add icon to rustc on windows

Although it is a CLI application, an icon is quite useful on Windows systems.

We could take .NET as an example. There, the dotnet.exe now also has an icon.

I see a lot of potential in providing the executable Rust binaries like rustc, cargo & co. with an icon. Here you could use the Rust logo or design a separate icon for it.

I am looking forward to your feedback.


Hei, Is this a solution to your Problem?

This post does not refer to user-compiled Rust programs (in which case one can simply add an icon as they would with a normal .exe file), but instead to the rust compiler itself. The first question would thus have to be: which icon should be used? Does the Rust compiler already have an official logo, or should it just be the Rust sprocket? I like the general idea though and think it should be extended to other supported operating systems.


IMHO, there should be an issue on the rust-lang/rust issue tracker, if there isn't already.

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For reference, the actual MSVC build tools don't have an icon, though:

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The official logo for Rust would be the best fit for rustc. If the implementation doesn't add much maintenance overhead to the rust-lang/rust repository, I see no reason to not do it.

If you have a concrete idea on how to implement it, feel free to open a compiler major change proposal for it.


To me an icon for rustc would be misleading since it is a command line only tool. You usually expect executables with an icon to open a user interface when you click on them. if you click on the rustc.exe, you will have a immediately closing window.

To me, the only current rust tool where an icon would make sense is the rustup-init.exe

Agree with this observation that not all build tools with .exe's for windows need icons.

To me, an icon is useful when it is user-facing. Like, double clicking python.exe to bring up the IDLE prompt. Double clicking rustc would just briefly show a command window with the help page (no args provided), so it doesn't seem like GUI icon would be all that useful.

The only extreme edge case would be dragging a file onto rustc, to invoke Open With, but I'm not sure whether that works and how many people would use that even if it did.

It does also show up in task manager, for whatever that's worth.


That's really a plus.

To be fair, golang used to add icon to it's executable. At least couple years ago I saw it on windows. Furthermore it was so weird, so go icon was shown at each CMD window in system, I guess something went wrong.

But I have just downloaded fresh Go installation and checked, there are no icon now. Either I am crazy, or they have removed that icon.