Why is x.py test ignoring the tests?

When I run x.py test ... I get an output like this:

running 116 tests
iiiiiiii..i..i.i.i..i..i..ii....i.i....ii..........iiii.........i.....i...i.......ii.i.ii.....iiii.. 100/116
test result: ok. 78 passed; 0 failed; 38 ignored; 0 measured; 0 filtered out

This doesn't say anything about why the ignored tests were ignored. How do I find out why they're ignored?

You can grep for ignore commands in the header comments of the tests to see which platform(s) or configuration(s) they are ignored on.

I'd recommend setting verbose-tests = true in config.toml so you can see the name of the tests.

In addition to looking at the ignore rules at the top of each test, also keep in mind that compiletest uses a fingerprinting mechanism to skip tests if it thinks nothing has changed since the last time it ran. The fingerprinting is somewhat simple, so it can be incorrect sometimes. In that case, you have to delete the build/*/test directory, though hopefully that is almost never needed.


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