Where should the compiler team (and perhaps working groups) chat?


It’s worth noting that the Zulip team are also interested in better supporting open source projects like Rust. Just yesterday, there was a small discussion about this discussion in the Zulip organisation’s chat where Tim Abbott, the lead developer of Zulip said:

I should mention that in general we’re quite responsive to the needs of open source projects; if folks involved with Rust want to talk to some of the open source projects that have adopted Zulip and been really happy with it, we can set that up.

This would work for things like #design-impl-Trait but would struggle to be as flexible as Zulip’s model when it comes to a channel per issue (which is effectively how the NLL working group is using Zulip’s threads currently).


It seems like we should talk to them about moderation features like bans.


I’m been trying that, but I’ve not found it particularly satisfying. One of the things I think I like about the threaded model is that they are relatively small and transient – you can create a new one effortlessly, and once a particular conversation is done, it kind of fades away. Making a new persistent channel is useful, but it’s a kind of “decision” to do it, and then you have to “decide” to remove it later on… it just doesn’t quite serve the same purpose.


Idea: Maybe the threading model could be opt-in per channel to have our cake and eat it too?


I don’t see us changing any of those products substantially.


What about stack overflow chat?

  • Moderated
  • Accessible (if you’ve made like one or two questions on stack overflow, you can talk, and they need not be high-quality questions either. anyone can read tho.)
  • Has replies/threads
  • Ability to like messages
  • Top 3/5 (I forgot) messages
  • History


I’ve been told that threads are being worked on in Matrix, and that ‘associated replies’ (ie. a message that is indicated as a reply to another particular message) are already a thing.


Ariel raised a good question of whether the logs are actually search-able and whether the search is more competent than GitHub’s.

I tried out the search functionality on Discord and it couldn’t find a message containing fooo when given a search query foo (i.e. a substring of the word I was looking for). It didn’t manage to find messages containing words with an edit distance of 1 from the search query in general.


I’ve used Discord’s search successfully a few times. Zulip’s search seems to work fairly well, but it also prefers whole word matches – although searching for region did match regions (but searching for regio matched neither). Misspellings do not work.


Having just come back from a week’s vacation, I can again attest that Zulip’s threads were invaluable. I was able to pretty easily catch up with NLL-related chats.