When will Apple Silicon have Tier 1 support?

When will Apple Silicon have Tier 1 support?

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The main (only?) blocker there is being able to run CI on it.


Please let me know if there’s some way that I can word the tracking issue to be more clear about it.


Well, some parts of the first post in the tracking issue still describe Apple Silicon as a future platform, which might lead people to conclude that other parts of the post are out of date:

Apple has announced that future computers will utilize Arm processors instead of x86_64 processors.

The Rust project can't make any guarantee on the level of support the compiler will have when the hardware ships.

This will allow us to efficiently allocate the Developer Transition Kits (DTK), if we end up receiving any.

Also, the "current status summary" should have its date bumped, and the bullet describing the native compiler should probably be moved before the bullet about running rustc in Rosetta, since rustup gives you the native compiler by default(?).


Updated, thank you. Let me know if it reads better.


Looks good, thanks.

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