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Hey I just spent some time updating the list of Rust platform support. It’s pretty neat! 61 distinct targets, 38 of which are at least tier 2 and have regular builds. Feast your imagination.


Did google add the support for Fuschia? Are any parts of it written in Rust?


How about s390x-unknown-linux-gnu? I think that should be Tier 2, checking std, rustc, and cargo.

The three powerpc*-unknown-linux-gnu targets also have rustc and cargo these days. There’s also a typo in powerpc64el, should be powerpc64le.


Thanks for reviewing @cuviper. Updated.

@wildstyle Most of the Fuchsia support has been added by @raphlinus. I don’t know if any of Fuchsia is written in Rust.


None of Fuchsia is currently written in Rust. That won’t be possible until we get Rust fully integrated into our build system, currently work in progress. One of the things I’m working on now is porting xi-editor to Fuchsia. I’m very excited about the potential for more.


s/linux-fuchsia/unknown-fuchsia/g :slight_smile:

Do you know what’s in the way of rustc building against musl?


Compiler plugins which are needed to link dynamically. I believe that rustc will never be compiled with musl (as there is no reason to do so).


musl supports dynamic linking (and dlopen), it’s just that Rust’s x86 targets default to static linking. A reason to do so: Platforms that use musl but not (or preferably not) glibc. :slight_smile:

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People looking for “rustc on musl” should go to this issue and read the backlog:


thumbv7m-none-eabi Bare Cortex-M3 is marked as having std crate, so it has full std or just libcore?



Oh, no it’s just libcore. I’ll fix it.


Maybe we can have a “Tier 4” with all those MCU targets that have a libcore, and can produce a working binaries?


Redox is on there too now!

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