When is 1.74 version going to be released?

When is the 1.74 version going to be released and will it be stable version that support registry-authentication? Any timeline for releasing stable version of 1.74

I tried with 1.75 nightly version and understood that -Z registry-auth is not necessary and it worked with token. Could you please confirm when 1.74 will be released and does it supports registry-auth with passing flag.?

cargo add serce -Z registry-auth

warning: flag -Z registry-auth has been stabilized in the 1.74 release, and is no longer necessary Authenticated registries are available if a credential provider is configured.

Updating `artifactory-remote` index

error: authenticated registries require a credential-provider to be configured see Registry Authentication - The Cargo Book for details

https://forge.rust-lang.org/ has the release schedule

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Thank you for the information

The PR that seems relevant is indeed tagged 1.74, so it would be stable on November 16. Of course, it's only in beta, so in case any unforseen issues come up, it's still possible that stabilization is reverted, but that is admittedly rather uncommon.


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