What does r=me mean


I’ve seen someone say r=me several times in PRs and Issues, but I can’t tell what it means. Can some one explain? Recently someone told me to r=me them, so it seems kind of important that I know what this means.

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I think it means that the PR mostly passed their review, but some issues need to be fixed (mostly small issues like squashing all commits). Once all issues are fixed, other Rust team members can then comment @bors r=theotherguy, where theotherguy is the person that said r=me, to accept the PR on their behalf.



Yes, it’s basically stating that you’ve accepted the content of the PR (usually pending some minor tweaks that need not be closely reviewed).



It’s a Mozilla-ism that’s been around for years - Bugzilla has a review flag that gets set to ? when asking for review on a patch, which gets shorted in conversation to r?, where the response is usually r+, or equivalently r=me (which evolved from the convention of r=[reviewer's name] being added to the commit message). I’m pretty sure this was imported into the Rust project ecosystem by people like pcwalton, who spent a lot of time in the Firefox development world before moving full time to Rust.

You know, in case you were wondering about the etymology of the construct, rather than the actual meaning in PRs today…



@jdm that’s really interesting and helpful. Thanks!


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