Some improvements to rust-highfive


rust-highfive is a bot which works with the rust GitHub repo. It’s initial purpose was to welcome new users. It now also does the following:

  • if you put r? @foo in a comment on your PR, it will set the assignee to foo
  • if you omit r? from the first comment on a PR, it will try to pick a reviewer for you (it has some basic heuristics to do this)
  • you can always override this with another r? or by manually setting the assignee.

The idea with this is that PRs don’t miss out on review and to make it easy to use the assignee field for the reviewer. Also, so that new contributors always have a more experienced contributor aware of their contribution.

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Nice. So it now ensures that every PR has someone assigned?


In theory, yes. You can manually ask for r? from a non-existent user or a user which cannot be assigned by GitHub (because they aren’t an owner of the repo), then highfive will attempt to set the assignee and it will fail. I don’t make any attempt to recover from that.


Very nice! We’re going to have to steal these changes back for Servo :slight_smile:

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